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(*Updated 8/4/14)

This handmade redwood clock in the shape of California was presented to CEC in 1977 and currently hangs in the CEC international headquarters in Arlington, VA.


It is with great sadness to report that long-time CEC member and California State Council for Exceptional Children (CA-CEC) Treasurer, Sarge Kennedy passed away on March 1, 2013 at the Davis Medical Center in the city of Sacramento. Sarge was truly a legend in all areas of Special Education. He was instrumental in the development of California’s Master Plan that outlined the role of Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs), and the AB 602 Funding Formula that transformed California’s Special Education funding into a much more effective and equitable formula.

Sarge was a very kind person who was always willing to help anyone and everyone understand the intricate and delicate details of Special Education. He was a consummate Coach and Mentor to most of the Special Education Administrators in the State, including those who work at the California Department of Education. While he was relied upon for his expertise, he was best known for his positive outlook, warm and friendly smile, and his ability to befriend anyone within a few minutes of conversation.

To say the least, Sarge will be greatly missed; however, in order to commemorate his outstanding contributions to the field of Special Education and the Council for Exceptional Children, CA-CEC has established a “Sarge Kennedy Scholarship” that will raise funds to support those who wish to go into the field of Special Education. Information on this Scholarship will be posted at a later date on this webpage.

On behalf of CA-CEC, we offer our deepest condolences to Sarge’s family and friends.


Frank Donavan, Ed.D.
President-Elect, CA-CEC

Sarge and his wife, Pat


The worldwide mission of the Council for Exceptional Children is to improve educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities.

CEC accomplishes its mission, which is carried out in support of special education professionals and others working on behalf of individuals with exceptionalities, by advocating for appropriate governmental policies, by setting professional standards, by providing continuing professional development, by advocating for newly and historically under served individuals with exceptionalities, and by helping professionals achieve the conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.

CEC is a non-profit organization concerned with the education and well-being of exceptional individuals was founded in 1922. There are now over 1000 chapters, 50 state federations, many Canadian federations and chapters, 47 student chapters, 17 subdivisions, with a membership of over 54,000.

CA CEC Executive Committee

Frank Donavan, Ed.D.

Rachael (Raquel) Gonzales, Ph.D.

Past President
Carl L. Ferguson, Jr., Ph.D.

Jack Lucas

Lisa Simpson, Ed.D.

RA Representative-North
Maureen Burness

RA Representative-South
Monica Boomgard, Ed.D.

CAN Coordinator (Ex-Officio)
Gerald Hime

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